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Lola Montez

Dad and Dave

Roy Mo Rene


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Lola Montez. b1818—d1861

Born in Ireland. After training as a dancer in Spain, she returned as Lola Montez.

After receiving bad reviews in England she fled to Europe and became very friendly with Franz List, Alexander Dumas, and King Ludwig of Bavaria.

The notorious “Spider Dance” was developed for Australia where she had seasons in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Her Australian Victorian Goldfields Shows reflected a colourful account of her time in the Gold Fields. She died very poor on the streets of New York.

Roy “Mo” Rene b 1891—d1954

This was the professional name adopted by Henry Van der Sluys.

He teamed up with Neal Phllips in 1916 and formed “Stiffy and Mo”

As part of the successful Vaudeville Act he developed using Black and White Face painting and a lisping delivery of his Trade Mark phase ”Strike me Lucky”. He only made 1 Film ( 1934)and it was called “Strike me Lucky”

However in Radio as “Mo McCackie” he starred for quite a few years.


“Dad and Dave.” These were characters created by author Arthur Hoey Davis, using the pen name Steele Rudd as author, and Played by Bert Bailey (as Dad) and others.

As larrikin cockies and bush simpletons who eked out a poor living. They were dim and disorganised and their equipment was in constant disrepair. Most times in conflict with the local squatters. It also gave rise to the saying “Aussie Battler.”

A silent Film was made in 1920, however Radio and Television, exemplified their lives with great success.


B1909 Battery Point Tasmania...D1959 Vancouver B.C.

Became an Ameican citizen in 1942

He could not fight in World War Because of reoccuring Lung Problems..

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