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As I understand it! after nearly 230 years of development.
Some Books Referenced.        ____________              Some DVD’s Referenced
William Dampier-- Buccaneer Explorer. G Norris.
A Concise History of Australia. S. McIntyre                          Captain Cook. A.B.C.
The Makings of Australia   D.Hill                                           Arthur Phillip. A.B.C.
The Savage Shore. G Seal                                                   Australia–The Story of Us. Ch 7
Australia and the Australian’s. R.M.Younger                         Australia The Time Travellers  .
The Tyranny of Distance. G Blainey                                      Federation. Australia’s Journey Part

Employ’d as a Discoverer. ( Cook) J Megaw. Immigration Nation SBS

Arthur Phillip—Australia’s Founding Governor. T.S.Hughes.

The Commonwealth of Theives. Thomas Keneally.

1788 Watkin Tench. Edited and Introduced by Tim Flannery

The Explorers  by Tim Flannery

The Norfolk Island Story.  Frank Clune

The Other Side of the Hill. Wm Joy

The Squatters.   G Dutton

Australia's Geatest Books. G Dutton

Percy Grainger.  J Bird

Trains and Railways Australia,  J. Powe


The Journal of Philip Gidley King. P.G. Fidlon. R.J.Ryan. Melba The Mini Series

The Life of George Bass .M Estenson

Matthew Flinders T.S.Hughes

Australian-Origins to Eureka  Thomas Keneally.

The Glorious Years.  G. Inson and R. Ward.vd

Australia Through Time-- Random House Publishers

My Life of Song--Gladys Moncrieff

The Oxford Companion to Australian History--G Davison
Australia and Illustrated History--A.K.McdougallHistory of Australia--Manning Clark
The Making of Australia--David Hill
Trains Through The Ages.  M Kelly

The resources of The State Library of Victoria—Melbourne.
The resources of Frankston City Library and Staff.
The resources of Mornington Library and Staff.
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These names must Not be forgotten.
24. Getting Around our Country: Shanks' Pony, Horse, Bullock, Camels, Stage-Coach, River Steamers, Car, Motorcycle, Lorry, Train, Tram, Bus.
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