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2….  The UNIVERSE and BIG BANG ???----theory !

Once upon a time, 14 Billion years ago.

Did all the stars, the Planets and Moons, right down to every last piece of Cosmic Dust, really began with one BIG BANG??

That’s what many scientists believe. The Big Bang theory, which was first suggested in 1927, by a Belgian Catholic Priest and Astronomer named Georges-Henri Lemaitre, offers one explanation in the Origin of the Universe.

According to his theory, about 14 BILLION years ago the Universe was no more than a microscopically small, searingly hot, dense ball of matter, which exploded and began rapidly expanding…………….

As the matter cooled, it formed the Universe, and the Space within it.

In 1929 the Astronomer, Edwin Hubble, first discovered there were Galaxies beyond our Milky Way, and that these Galaxies were constantly moving further away from us.

This discovery confirmed that the Universe was continually expanding at enormous speed. Hubble quickly realised  this could mean the Universe was once contained in a tiny point in Space(which exploded (The Big Bang) and has continued to expand ever since.

Some Astronomers suggest that once the Universe reaches the point of maximum expansion, it will then start to fold back on itself. This is not expected to happen for BILLIONS of years.

Today Spacecraft help to continue to measure the EXPANSION of the UNIVERSE. That part, all began with the launching of the Russian “SPUTNIK” spacecraft in 1957.


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