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Australian Sport Stars

William Francis King.
The Pie Man

First Australian
Cricket Team

Victor Trumper

Sarah Frances
'Fanny' Durack

Annette Kellerman

Edwin Flack

Boy Charlton

Francis Joseph Edmund Beaurepaire

Jack Crawford

Sir Don



Les Darcy

William Francis King. B1807--d1873
King became famous in Hyde Park and Circular Key in Sydney, for selling Meat Pies. Meat Pies were common fare in the Colony of NSW. The Pieman, pierced a hole in the corner and added gravy.
King became better known for his “walking” exploits, and BETTING on the results. He usually carried “something” to add to the difficulty.
He completed many tasks for bets, such as beating the Mail Coach from Brisbane  to Ipswich in Queensland, and the coach from Sydney to Windsor NSW. He also carried a 70 lbs dog from Campbelltown to Sydney in 9 hours.
At the end of each walk, after collecting his money, he would make extravagant speeches. He was Declared “of unsound mind” in 1860.

Edwin Flack- Athlete.b1873—d1935
Flack was Australia’s First Olympian, being our only representative when the First of Modern Day Olympics 1896. He won the800metres and 1500 metres running events.
Flack lived, worked and died in Berwick Victoria. He absolutely loved Athletics and joined several running Clubs with different aims, before he left for England and University, to compete at Athens in the First Modern Day Olympics.

Sarah Frances”Fanny” Durack Swimmer  b1889—d1956
First Female swimmer to win Olympic Gold
Fanny swam in the days when women were segrated from men, and were only expected to “cool down” in water, NOT swim in the newly formed Modern Olympic Games. She had many battles to allow women to swim in the Olympics. She was also credited of developing the Australian Crawl.

Annette Kellerman  Swimmer/Silent Film Movie Star b1884-- d1974
Annette struck a blow for women swimmers by wearing a revolutionary “boys” type swimming costume.

Sir Francis Joseph Edward (Frank) Beaurepaire.
Swimmer. b1891---d1956
Frank won his first Victorian Swimming Title at 14 in Victoria.
1910 was Beaurepaires greatest year in Swimming at age 19.
During an active business life, when he founded Beaurepaires Tyres he later became one of the chief Sponsors of the Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956.
Andrew Murray “BOY” Charlton. Swimmer  b1907---d1975
Born in Crows  Nest, Sydney, he was an Australian Freestyle Swimmer of the 1920’s and 1930’s. He was raised and educated at Manly.
He was only a “Boy” when he won Gold in the 1500 metre Free style at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris, and also in 1923 as a 15yo he defeated the Great Frank Beaurepaire at Manly Baths.
There are two swimming pools in Sydney named after Charlton. Sydney Domain Baths and Swim Centre in Manly.
Victor Trumper- Cricketer. B 1877—d1915
He was an Australian Cricketer, born in Sydney, also the most stylish and versatile Batsman, in the Golden Age of Australian Cricket. Trumper was also a key figure in the Foundation of Rugby League in Australia.
When only 17,Trumper made 67 runs against the English Touring Team of the day.
From then on he was the best of the era.
Even W.G.Grace, the great English Batsman, presented him with his bat at Lords, saying “from the present champion to the future Champion.”
Trumper was modest, retiring and generous. A tetotaler, and a non smoker. His general conduct was a real example.

Sir Donald Bradman. Cricketer.  b1908—d2001
Born in Cootamundra NSW, he grew up in Bowral NSW.
What extra can be said about “The Don,” that has not already been said.
His batting actually started when he attended Bowral High School, scoring 100 runs at age 12.
His Father took  him as a treat to the SCG, where England was playing Australia in a cricket Test match. That really started his great venture into cricket, where he became one of the greatest batsmen ever. So much so, that in an attempt to stop his scoring, England introduced the notorious “Bodyline Bowling.”
All Australian cricketers wish for the results, dedication and strength of character of ” The Don.”
Roy Cazaly. Australian Rules Footballer b1893—d1963
Educated at Albert Park and Middle Park Schools in Melbourne Victoria.
He rowed, played cricket and football as a youth.
In 1909 to 1920 he played Football for St.Kilda. In 1921 he transferred to South Melbourne. He could mark..turn in mid air—have a few strides..and then pass the ball using an accurate drop kick or a stab pass.
“Up there Cazaly” was first used by another of his brother Forwards to encourage him, then it was taken up by the crowds always expecting something good from his efforts.
In later life he moved to Tasmania and became a successful breeder of Trotting Horses.
Douglas Ralph Nichols. Australian Rules Footballer
A native Australian b1908—d1988
A talented all round sportsman; footballer, good boxer and sprinter, whose later accomplishments, as an Ordained Minister, a Knighthood in 1972 and the Governorship of South Australia, surpassed all that.
As a Footballer he spent some years at Northcote then transferred to Fitzroy in 1932, where he played 54 VFL games.
Les Darcy
Other Sports People

John Landy
Herb Elliot
Margaret Court and Evonne Goolagong
Margaret Jackson
Betty Cuthbert
Dawn Fraser
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