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21….SOME EVENTS and some PEOPLE HISTORY BeforeCommon Era(BCE)

Let’s drop a few names of Early People’s and their History.

Not in  Historical Sequence. We will sort that out later.

Hittites,  Sumerians,  Hyksos,  Egyptians,  Phillistines,  Israelites,  Babylonians,  Cretans,  Mycenaens,   Ancient Greeks,  Orkney Scots,  Romans,  Carthaginians,  etc, etc, etc.

I have in front of me 7 (seven) books on Ancient History.

If you want a simple SEQUENCE of “happenings” in HISTORY. Each book is as clear as “mud” This is my best shot at giving you (and myself) a simple, approach to BCE History Sequence so that we can remember.

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