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1. Available Easy Past Time Calculator Click to Enter



Rising World Seas, cut off Tasmania and Papua New Guinea from Australia

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3. Available The FROGS (in Nth. Melb colours-blue/white) Vs. THE POMS (in St.George/Illawarra colours-red/white) nearly got to Botany Bay FIRST ! The race that nearly was... although... What then Australia's white history???? Click to Enter
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Did Bligh help murder Captain Cook - Why did Mrs Cook burn all of Cook's letters - Was Bligh a coward?

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5. Available Big !! "OPEN - ROWING/SAILING BOAT VOYAGES" Click to Enter
6. Available Joseph Banks was enamoured with Australian flora and fauna. What did Darwin think? Click to Enter
7. W.I.P. Tasmania. MURDER--RELOCATION--EXTINCTION. "The Black line."  and TRUGANNINI with friends at Dandenong.  How come?? Click to Enter

Available Could you walk 2600 miles? Down the guts of Australia, from Normanton QLD to Melbourne VIC. On Your Own, without backup, Aged 20 Years , About 130 Years Ago? George 'Chinese" Morrison the lad from Geelong did. Backtracking part of the path of Burke and Wills. Click to Enter
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Major Sporting Codes start up in Australia. In New Zealand. Aussie Rules as a National game ? Not Rugby Union. NO WAY!
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Available EVEN BLIND FREDDIE, could have ''''''''' a great Australianism!! Click to Enter
11. W.I.P. The short marriage of Breaker Morant a Thief, Horseman, Poet and "shot by a firing squad"; to Daisy Bates, Aboriginal Protector and Advocate ,who quickly led separate lives. Bright Individual's...? Click to Enter
12. W.I.P
Hargraves did not fly, and Hargrave did not discover gold. RUBBISH! Click to Enter
13. W.I.P Blondin cooked an egg on a high wire.Harry Houdini, American escape artist, first Australian powered flight at Diggers Rest. HOW COME?
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14. W.I.P
Rachel Henning, International Traveller-fabulous correspondent, australia's development. HMMMM Click to Enter
15. Available CHARLES DARWIN walked to WENTWORTH FALLS from my home site. Click to Enter
16. W.I.P. Kangeroos,  Courtesy of Sir Joseph Banks, at.Napoleon and Josephines Palace in Paris. How come? Click to Enter
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What did Betsy Balcombe, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Louise and Rose Freycinet and Hyacinthe de Bougainville share??

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18. W.I.P Did the First Australian Cricket Team to tour England (all Aborigines) use CRICKET BATS made of Willow Trees from Napoleons Tomb Site on St. Helena Click to Enter
19. W.I.P Steam boats and Railway lines in Australia Click to Enter
20. W.I.P Blackberries--Rabbits--Foxes Click to Enter
21. W.I.P Communications, not smoke signals Click to Enter
22. W.I.P Frozen meat shipments, and Galvanised Iron. what? Click to Enter
23. W.I.P Discovery of Cook's old wooden Endeavour in an Amerian harbor Click to Enter
24. W.I.P Matthew Flinders' burial site discovered in London as a result of subterranean railworks Click to Enter
25. W.I.P Memorial Plaque for William Thomas, assistant commissioner for aboriginies in Tyabb Click to Enter


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