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An Australian Humanist and an Australian Bush Service Creator. and The FIRST AUSTRALIAN WOMAN DOCTOR

Howard Walter Florey b 1898—d1968.

He and his team pioneered the use of antibiotics, and gave the world Penecillin.

Born in Adelaide, Florey went to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar in 1921.

By 1941 he and his wife were promoting Penecillin.

He shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1945. He was created Baron Florey of Adelaide and Marston in 1965.


John Flynn Founder of Flying Doctor Services b1880—d1951

He was a technological visionary, grasping the potential of Wireless and Aviation. To bring amenities of metropolitan life to white communities in the Bush.

His Aviation Ambulance Service, still services people in the Bush.

Although Flynn has been criticised for inattention to Aboriginal Welfare, the Aboriginal Communities are now also serviced.

Publication of author Ion Idress’s Best Seller Book “Flynn of the Inland” (1938) gives a very good biography.

Flynn stated life as a young Home Missionery for the Presbyterian Ministry in Mrlbourne’s inner City, his dreams took over.


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