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17. From OCEAN

microscopic Life to APES then MANKIND as

“ Homo Sapien Sapien”.

For many Western People, and People of other Religions, The BIBLE represents very clearly the advent of Mankind. As Homo Sapien Sapien.

Mankind’s evolution, in that the above Belief , in whatever Biblical version is used, is perhaps, in this age, a little misleading. Perhaps at best, it might have been something that pre scientific peoples could absorb.

However I feel quite strongly that “Something---Somewhere—prepared ALL THE ELEMENTS for the BIG BANG to happen, and for life to evolve into something. Then came Mankind-------------

We casually use the term “NATURE” However we should remember that we are not thinking about events that could happen in a “mankind’s lifetime BUT millions of years of “Development” from the BIG BANG.

The following page exemplifies my belief, how tiny molocules evolved into Homo Sapiens.

How the “mix” worked I am blowed if I know. Even Homo Sapiens “developed”, and took their time about it.”.

17..A. from OCEAN LIFE to APES.


17. C..PEOPLE’S settling of THE WORLD.

17. D..TAXONOMY.Linneas and Darwin


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