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CIVILIZATION, whatever definition you favor about” realizing” and allowing mankind’s best and worse to be developed, it only occurred when some of Mankind had changed from the immediacy of being “HUNTER GATHERERS” to partially using AGRICULTURAL products. That required WATERING, AWAITING RIPENING, and STORAGE. of same. TIME !! Grazing allowed people to have access to their own meat supplies, or engage in bartering activities,

This was not an immediate situation, and took many many years, to get to this point. And then years to develop, all over the World!

Rock paintings, Stone tools, middens, animal bones, dwellings, buried Homo Sapien bones etc, in most part of the habitable world, all showed that Homo Sapiens, individually or in small groups were on the march towards a greater goal, without realizing what the Goal was.

Australian Aborigines tenure began in Australia, probably 40,000 y.a. whilst Neanderthals appeared to finally die out near Gibralter about 25,000 y.a.

Initially  a fairly warm climate was required, with an abundance of water. Therefore the area of current day Iraq and Egypt appeared suitable for “civilization” to develop. By default it allowed an ARMY to not having to forage for food.

Egypt’s annual flooding and the prevailing wind from North to South{ boats could go to the North (Meditteranium )on the Nile’s tide, was a lot easier than in Mesopotamia, ( modern Iraq )when the Tigris and Euphrates flooded at the wrong growing season, and water had to be delivered in ditches or channels.

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