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Did “we really” start there?? Interesting, how Humans walked from Africa to Australia.

I find 60,000 years plus, very hard to grasp, so I invented a little theory to help myself understand. See if it helps you?

This is it. If a MAN lived to 50 years old, we will call that a GENERATION. If he had a son, or daughter, who was born just when he died, and who also lived for 50 years, that is another GENERATION. If he had a son who lived for 50 years and so on-------.

60,000 years EQUALS 1200  GENERATIONS.

12,000 years EQUALS  240  GENERATIONS

Other Historical Events before BP.(Before the Present Time)

*When the “Old Testament of the Bible was written, about 3,000 B.C.years ago(5000 BP)

It EQUALS                    100  GENERATIONS.

*When Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in 44 AD                                                                       It EQUALS about                     39 GENERATIONS

*World War 2 ended in 1945,                                                                                                           It EQUALS about         1.3 GENERATIONS

See the significance?????????  If Dinosaurs roamed the earth 40 million years ago, before extinction, YOU do the sum.

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