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15. Colonised WHITE Australia 1770 to 1849 
And some of The World at that time.

1760 to 1820. King George reigned in England. Called Farmer George, because of his love of farming, also suffered from dementure. His son acted in his later years as Regent.

During the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars,  1789 to 1815, Europe and England was preoccupied with fighting the French—its revolution—and its effect on its rulers.

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1770  Cook sighted, and mapped, the East Coast of Australia

1783..American Revolution against the English finished

1783 English Dutch war finished

1783. Catherine The Great,of Russia, annexed the Crimea

1783. Simon Boliver born in South America..

1783 Montgolfier Brothers –(French) launched their first Hot Air Balloon.

1783 to 1881 The Scottish Highland Clearances were enacted.

1786 The English Government Selected BOTANY BAY over CANADA, West Indies and Africa as a relief to Overcrowded Jails

1788. First Convict Fleet arrived in Australia. After sailing from England to River Plate South America, then Cape Town in South Africa then around Tasmania to Botany Bay. Included Phillip-Hunter-Gidley King--Ruse convict. Compte de Laperouse, who had left France in 1785, with 2 ships, arrived at Botany Bay just after the First Fleet had left Botany Bay for Sydney Cove.

1788. Rose Hill site named. Latter called Parramatta.

1788 George Washington—First American President

1789." Storming of the Bastille", and start of the French Revolution

1789." Mutiny on the Bounty and William Bligh.

1790. The Second Fleet arrives in Australia.includes Captain John Macarthur and Wife.

1791. Mozart died.

1793 Farmland given to Macarthur at Parramatta by Governor Arthur Phillip.

1793  Louis  XV1, King of France and his Queen executed

1795-1800 John Hunter as Governor of Australia.. George Bass, and Mathew Flinders, also arrived in Australia.

1798. Bass, and 6 sailors in an open rowboat, landed at and named Western Port. They had two dialogues with runaway convicts, on small island in the Strait, who thought they were  heading for China. They actually picked up an old man and a boy and returned them to Sydney.

1798.Flinders and Bass sailed the" Norfolk" through Bass Strait.

1799 Napoleon Bonaparte seized power in France

1800-1807 Phillip Gidley King as Governor of Australia.

1800 "The Lady Nelson", first ship to sail through Bass Strait, on the way to Sydney Town.

1802 14th February "The Lady Nelson "Captained by Lt. John Murray, entered Port Phillip.Previously William Bowen and 5 sailors had rowed into the Bay, from the Lady Nelson at Westernport.

``````Murray originally called the Bay "Port King", but Governor King renamed it, to "Port Phillip".

1802 April 26 Matthew Flinders, in the "Investigator" entered Port Phillip, on his circumnavigation of Australia.

1803 Sept 12th Lady Nelson arrived at Risdon Cove,Tasmania. 12th Sept the Albion entered, with Lt. John Bowen in charge The intention was to form a settlement and discourage potential French interest to settle by Captain Baudin

1803 Ocean and HMS Calcutta arrived at Sullivan Bay Port Phillip on 7th and 9th October.

1803  Settlement at Westernport Victoria closed down by David Collins. Ships Ocean and lady Nelson,left with convicts and free settlers, for Van Diemans Land.

1804. Napoleon Bonaparte elected Emperor by the French Senate. Hobart Town founded.

1805. English Admiral Nelson defeats the French Navy at Cape Trafalgar.

1806. Captain William Bligh takes over in N.S.W. as Governor.

1807. Reverend Samuel Marsden,  the “Flogging Parson” exported the first marketable wool to England.

1808  Jan 26th. Colonel Johnston, rebels, and dismisses Governor Bligh. In what was known as the Rum Rebellion.

1809 Lt. Colonel Paterson arrives in Sydney from Tasmania

1809 Lachlan Macquarie Governor of Australia.He began transforming the convict settlement into a FREE society when they had served their time.

1810. In England at trial, Johnston “cashiered”, Foveaux relegated to an inferior Battalion, Macarthur had to stay in England to avoid civil prosecution in NSW. Bligh promoted to Rear Admiral.

1810. Mathew Flinders finally released by the French from Mauritius after 6 ½ years.

1811 November. Governor Macquarie, and wife visited Hobart and Launceston, using the Lady Nelson.

1813. Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth, discovered a way over the Blue Mountains

1812. Large amount of Australian Wool sold in England.

1814. The first of the troops, 73rd Regiment, who had helped undermine Governor Bligh, were slowly transferred to serve in Ceylon.

1815. Defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo.

1817 John Macarthur allowed to leave England and not face a Trial in Australia.

1817 Governor Macquarie, recommended to the Home Office England that the name AUSTRALIA, rather than Terra Australis, should be used. This was after Mathew Flinders some years earlier had coined the word.

1817 Death of Rear Admiral William Bligh in England..

1817 Some of Sydney’s iconic buildings were begun by the” freed” architect Francis Greenaway.

1818 French explorer de Freycinet, found the ORIGINAL Marker Plate of Dutchman Dirk Hartog who in 1616 landed on the coast of  Western Australia.

John Oxley

1828 Sturt

1819 John Bigge arrived in Sydney to commence a "Review of the Colony for Lord Bathurst." in England

1820 Merinos sent to van Diemans Land. Some from Macarthur’s stock

1821. Napoleon Bonaparte dies as an exile on St. Helena Island .Betsy Balcombe, of Mornington Peninsula Victoria living abode when a young lady, as a young girl became Napoleon's friend on St. Helena

1821 Los Angeles given to Mexico by Spain.

1822 Governor Macquarie left Australia.

1823  Monaro Plains and Lake George discovered and named by explorers- Wild/Currie/Ovens.

1823 The Bigge report strongly recommended  a “wool industry” for Australia.

1824 Settlement started at Fort Dundas on the Melville Island.(Northern Territory)

Explorers Hume and Hovell explored from 'Sydney to Melbourne, to see if any land was suitable for sheep. They aimed for Melbourne but a navigation mistake led them to Geelong, however it did open up vast areas of Land.

1825 John Macarthur appointed to the NSW Legislative Council.

Hobart became the capital of Tasmania.

1826 A Military settlement was started at Westernport (Corinella) to deter a possible “Claim” by the  French, under the command of Jules d’Urville, on the ship “Astrolabe”..Hovell accompanied the expedition. The site was abandoned in 1828.

1827 Ludwig Van Beethoven died.

1829 In England, Robert Stevenson’s “Rocket” Steam Engine. was trialed.Its success, led to Industrial Works and Transport in the world.

1829 land Sales at the Colony of Perth. Perth became the Capital City of W.A.

1830. The infamous “Black Line was created in Van Diemans Land, to round up all the Aborrigies Cost 500 men, 7 weeks for 1 man and 1 Boy’s apprehension and removal. It was 1967 that ALL Aborriginies were given the right to vote.

1832 Arrival of first Steamship from England. However a paddle steamer had been built at Sydney  that had steamed to Parramatta before its arrival.

1832 Macarthur “removed” from the NSW Legislative Council (pronounced a lunatic)

1832  Aboriginal woman Truganini saves George Augustus Robinson from death by other Aboriginies in Van Diemans Land.

1832. Savings Bank of New South Wales came into being. Name changed from Campbells Bank

1834. John Macarthur dies at his Camden property, as an “insane” person.

1834The Henty’s, camped on land at Portland Victoria, after leaving Perth and then Launceston with stock including “merinos.” They arrived in the tiny THISTLE.

All but a few Aboriginies had been removed to Flinders Island from Tasmania.

1835, Three of John Batman’s men camped at Indented Head, prior to settling in Melbourne ,from Launceston Tasmania, were visited by John Buckley, who had run away, in 1803, from the First Settlement at Westernport Victoria.Establishment of Melbourne and Geelong. Buckley rejoined the White Society and died in Tasmania in 1856

1836 Charles Darwin arrives in Sydney. He had looked at the site where Darwin is today.

1836 Major Mitchell carried out a large discovery/survey of NSW and Victoria. Found the Henty’s at Portland, and saw either sails or tents at what is now Melbourne.

1836 Dec 18 Holdfast Bay ,Captain John Hindmarsh proclaimed the South colony of SOUTH AUSTRALIA..

1837. Governor Bourke visited and pronounced the name Melbourne for the busy village on the Yarra Yarra.

1837. Governor Bourke issued notice thatConvicts could not be assigned to private service.

In NSW, 7 white stockmen were hanged for massacuring 28 Aboriginies at Myalls Creek .

1838. Reverend Samuel Marsden died.

1839. NSW absorbs part of New Zealand to counter possible French claims.

1840. The Last convict ship to Australia, unloads its human cargo.

1840. Count Paul Edmund de Strzelecki(with Macmillan and Macarthur’s nephew) walk the Australian alps and wind up starving at Westernport Bay.

1840 Eyre

1841. Caroline Chislolm’s work praised

1842. Adelaide became the Capital city of South Australia.

1843. Vigorous growth of blackberries noticed

1845  Kennedy.  Thomas Mitchell


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