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14….Early Modern Period Explorers and Entreprenuers. And Some INTELLECTUALS who Thought  a LOT!!
*Explorer Marco Polo, Discovery Entreprenuer “Henry the navigator”, Ship’s Captain’s Bartholoman Diaz, Vasco de Gama, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Abel Tasman and James Cook.

Marco Polo, (Italian) 1254 to  1324,travelled with his father and Uncle from Italy to  China, and met Kublai Khan in Peking.

Henry the Navigator”(Portuguese) called by this name several hundred years after his death in 1460. He did encourage and help finance, quite a few Sea Explorations. He did force a change to ships that were new and faster ALSO able to sail closer to the wind, therefore sailors could just about sail in any weather and expect to make it to wherever they were sailing too.

Bartholoman Diaz. (Portuguese) 1487
First Captain to round the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa

Christopher Columbus.
(Italian) 1492 sailing under the flag of SPAIN.
Sailed directly WEST from Spain to Caribean Islands

Vasco De Gama.  (Portuguese)
Voyage 1497 to 1499
First to reach INDIA via the west coast of Africa.

Ferdinand Magellan.(Portuguese) Voyage 1519 to 1522.
Organised first Spanish expedition to the East Indies.
His FLEET was the first to NAVIGATE the WORLD, although he died in the Phillipines

Captain Frances Drake
, (English) made the SECOND navigation around the world as well as other famous exploits.

Abel Tasman (Dutch) Voyage 1642 to 1644.
First to reach the East Indies, also reached Van Diemans Land.
James Cook Captain of Endeavor.(English)
First of three Voyages to the Pacific. Sailed up the East Coast of Australia
Some INTELLECTUALS who Thought  a LOT!!

Nocolais Copernicus. A Catholic Church Monk.
In !543 Published a Book that said THE SUN RATHER THAN THE EARTH is the CENTER OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM.

Johannes Kepler in a work that was published between 1609 and 1619.
He improved the models made by Copernicus, They are called Keplers Laws.

Issac Newton an English physicist and mathematician
Worked out the THEORY OF GRAVITY, and that the EARTH was an oblate/spheroid. Like an egg only a bit flatter at the top and bottom.
Carl Linaeus.1707-1778.
Swedish Taxonomist He made it his life’s work to develop and refine a way to classify and name ALL life on Earth.
He was one of the most influential Scientists of his time. His theory of Classification allowed for clear and easy descriptions of Plants, Animals and Minerals. It is still used today. What about as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Homo Sapiens
He was knighted and used the name Carl Von Linne, he was born in 1707 and died in 1778
The Linnean Society, a London Based  Body of Scientists was named after him.
Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell were members of the Linnean Society and gave Papers regarding “Species of the World. Etc”
Albert Einstein published in 1918.
CARL SAGAN is still a modern day Space Scientist/Writer.
WRITER, and had a hand in designing  “MESSAGE to OTHER PEOPLE “ in Space, that went aboard an American space rocket.
"Gifts to Humanity".William Shakespeare, Amadeus Mozart, Leonado Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo, a Universal genius!! of the Renaissance age. But also all ages. Born 1452 Died 1519. Painted the “Mona Lisa” and other works. Was interested in Sculpture, Architecture, Science, Music, Mathematics, Engineering, Literature, Anatomy, Geology, Astronomy, Botany, Writing, History and Cartography.

William Shakespeare
Whether or not Shakespeare wrote all the works attributed to himself, but with his early experiences in the “Acting” world, and with most students of later times, he has become the World’s Leading storyteller, and held up as the MASTER of WORDS. Born 1564 died1616.

Amadeus Mozart
Amadeus and his music, has entranced listeners of all ages of all times. And perhaps” set the target.” Born 1756 Died 1791.
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