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**Captain WILLIAM BLIGH of the” BOUNTY.” YEAR. 1789 LOCATION. Began at Tahiti to Kupang Timor. 5800 km journey. 18 passengers in boat for 8. INCIDENT BEGINNING. Discovery Bay Bruny Island Tasmania, Bligh started to get “difficult” Put into longboat with loyal crew in Tahitti

CONCLUSION. Bligh promoted, Mutinous Crew hunted down

**MARY BRYANT an escapee Sydney Convict. YEAR 1791 LOCATION. Began at Sydney to Kupang Timor. 6030 km journey. 9 people in boat. Her Husband, baby, 7 other convict fishermen. INCIDENT BEGINNING. Bryant’s husband was a trusted convict fisherman for the Colony. Freedom beckoned!

CONCLUSION. Husband died and1 child died, returned to England, from Kupang, as a prisoner. After much lobbying , by writer James Boswell, a friend of Doctor Samuel Johnston, she was freed.

YEAR 1795 and 1796 LOCATION Began down to Botany Bay, following year Wollongong-Lake Illawarra and return. INCIDENT BEGINNING. Both men belonged to the ship HMS RELIANCE. They had time to explore, for Governor John Hunter

CONCLUSION. First time the small area South of Sydney had been explored and charted

**IDIOT ESCAPEE Convicts from Sydney
YEAR 1797 LOCATION Rowing to China but went SOUTH and wrecked at Glennie Island Wilsons Prom.INCIDENT BEGINNING. 14 Convicts Escaped from Sydney Town/

CONCLUSION. 7 were abandoned at Glennie island. The rest “took off” Bass found the 7 returned 2 to Sydney.

YEAR 1797 LOCATION. Given a crew and several weeks to sail row from Sydney to wherever, MAP the journey, and return to Sydney. INCIDENT BEGINNING. Bass as Surgeon had little to do when HMS RELIANCE was undergoing a re fit.

CONCLUSION. In 8 weeks, he sailed and rowed to WESTERNPORT, and returned to Sydney.

YEAR 1803. LOCATION. WRECK REEF to Sydney Town. INCIDENT BEGINNING. He was a passenger on board HMS PORPOIS, in convey with merchant ships Cato and Bridgewater. He was leaving Sydney for England.

CONCLUSION. He sailed rowed from Wreck Reef to Sydney, a distance of 1297 km and arranged a rescue. He then sailed on the CUMBERLAND and was wrecked at Mauritius and interned by the French.

**WILLIAM COLLINS(no relation to David Collins-The  Lt.Governor) of the SORRENTO SETTLEMENT
YEAR 1803 LOCATION.Sullivans’s Cove Port Phillip Bay.

INCIDENT BEGINNING. Volunteered to row and sail with a 6 man convict crew to Sydney

CONCLUSION. After waiting 3 days because of weather to leave Port Phillip, rescued from drowning by the ship OCEAN just short of Sydney.


Bligh sailed under Cook—Later, Flinders sailed under Bligh.

1791. Latitude about 40 to 45 degrees South-- Longitude about 145 to 152 degrees

Captain Bligh-Mathew Flinders at Discovery Bay Tassie. Mary Bryant in Sydney Cove.

1803 George Bass disappears in the Pacific.. Mathew Flinders completes around Australia, mapping voyage, then shipwrecked at Wreck Reef, Northern Queensland, when on the way home to England. After rowing in ships boat back to Sydney Cove and recuing his shipmates. He re sailed to England from Sydney Cove. He was Interned at Mauritius in the Indian Ocean by the French, for several years. William Collins and crew row/ sail to Sydney from Port Phillip Bay.

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