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A fare dinkum bloke. First Governor.

The English growth in "Convicts" was a result of two things. The Land Enclosure Acts that prohibited "common folk" from using small plots of land to grow sustainable crops, resulting in them being pushed towards biger Towns and Cities, also the English Industrial Revolution meant groupings of workers who were allways having to compete with "others" for jobs and so reducing "reasonable wages." Even D'Arcy Wentworth who went out to Australia as a First Fleet Surgeon, had originnaly been caught as a Highwayman.
Phillip was 10 years younger than Captain Cook, but had joined the Navy for the same reasons as Cook.
The 2 EVENTS that changed PHILLIP’s Life
Event 1..Joining the Portuguese Navy
Due to the English Navy reducing its Fleet and men, Arthur Phillip joined the Portuguese Navy, for several years. The Portuguese Navy requested England for men to help against the Spanish. Phillip could not help observe ALL!!! around him.
He was given a ship and spent considerable time in Portugal and its South American colony based at the River Plate area. This was a port where he sailed to after leaving England with the First Fleet, (He then sailed to Cape Town), to pickup supplies on the way to New South Wales.
Event 2..Preparing for, and Settling in Australia. Phillip retired from the Portuguese Navy and became a Gentleman Farmer in the New Forest area of England. An influential neighbour was Sir George Rose, who happened to be the Secretary to the treasury when Pitt was Prime Minister. Rose Hill was named after him as was, Sydney as lord Sydney. Rose Hill eventually became the Aboriginal name of Parramatta. “meaning eel’s”. Another influential friend was EVAN NEPEAN. The English Navy did not really want to become associated with setting up a Convict settlement, but ships could only be controlled by the NAVY.
With the Loss of the American Colonies England had to find a place to get rid of its large convict population. With intense lobbying from Sir Joseph Banks and others, the English Parliament decided to send a large proportion out to what Cook had called New South Wales.
Arthur Phillip was put in charge of what we call the First Fleet, and spent about 2 years obtaining and fitting out 11 Ships. Shortly after arrival At Botany Bay, he realised it was not a suitable place, even though it had been recommended by Sir Joseph Banks. He discovered Sydney Harbour and within 2 months had all the ships anchored in Sydney Cove just a bit a bit to the left of where the Sydney Opera house is now .Sydney was named after.........................................
Arthur Phillip’s beginning of White Australia was marked by;
-Starvation-2nd Fleet Arrival and subsequent Difficulties. -Exploration-Convict use and control-
Contact with Aboriginals-Survival of English Rule-Control of the Military and rich free settlers
After being in charge for several years he was replaced by Hunter and then King.
When in England he indicated he would serve another Term, but that was never taken up.
He died of injuries, after falling through a window from a wheelchair in a 3 story house.

Overflowing prisons in England.

Moving the First Fleet up to Sydney Harbor

ARTHUR PHILLIP returned to England with a medical problem, After he became better he re applied for service in Australia. However he was given various ships to fight against Napoleon Bonaparte. He RETIRED as an Admiral of the BLUE

Bennelong b1766-d1813

One of 2 Aboriginnies captured in November 1789 on the Order of Governor Phillip.

Phillip hoped to learn about Aboriginal Customs and language from Bennelong and Colbee. They soon escaped, back to Aboriginal life.

The spearing of Phillip, which Bennelong saw, re established Bennelong’s contact with the settlement, where he was built a small house at Bennelong  Point.

The writings of Hunter, Collins, and Tench present him as an intelligent character.

Bennelong sailed to England with Arthur Phillip, when Phillip’s tenure of Governor finished.

In England Bennelong became quite a curiosity of the rich and important, he was even presented to the King.

He returned to Australia on the same ship as the new Governor Hunter, as well as Dr. George Bass and Matthew Flinders .He descended into alcoholism, and died in a Tribal fight.

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