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Australian Antarctic Explorers

Sir Douglas Mawson  b1883--d1958

From 1905 he Lectured in Minerology, and Petrology at Adelaide University. He joined Sir Earnest Shackelton's Antarctic party as Surveyor, Cartographer, and Magnetician in the 1907 to 1909 jouney to the South Pole.

Fortunately he declined to accompany Robert Falcon Scott and his Party to the South Pole, where they all died.

He led successful British -Australian-and New Zealand Research Expeditionin 1929 to 1930,and 1930 to 1931.



James Francis(Frank) Hurley. Photographer b 1885--d1962

He was running a Sydney Postcard Business, when he joined Douglas Mawson's Antarctic Expedition in 1911

Hurley went to the Antarctic several times, and captured lots of events on Still Camera and Continuous Film. His scenes showing the slow death of the Ice Bound Ship"Endurance" gave him International recognition.

He captured, many photographs in WW! and WW11. He also joined the Last Leg of Keith and Ross Smith's epic flight from England to Australia. He also filmed many of Australia's delights , including progress on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.



Phillip Garth Law  Antarctic Explorer, b1899-- d0000.

He was a Scientist and Antarctic Explorer, he was overwhelmed by the writings of Shackleton and Mawson.

His first trip to the Antarctic was in 1947 to 1948 as Senior Scientific Officer.

He was appointed Director in 1949 to 1966, as permenent Director of Australia's Antarctic Organisation.

He oversaw the establishment of Mawson, Casey and Davis Basesin the Antarctic.


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