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Additional Photo's. Too good to leave out.

Norfolk Island

Midshipman George Raper's painting of the Kingston Settlement

Modern View of the Sirius wreck site.

View of the remains of the well established Settlement.

View of the original? Landing area. Low and swampy.

Only way to launch/recover on the island, other than kingston reef.

Mera Martin Christianson.

Norfolk Island Pacific Ocean location.

Ship repairs Port Jackson.




The Henty Wool Store in Melbourne.

Robert Hoddle's PLAN for Melbourne.

Rural Melbourne surrounds,

Rural Melbourne surrounds.

An early bridge over the Yarra,

Melbourne just after Hoddle's plan?

A painting of Batmans Home on Batman's Hill.

A boat below Yarra Falls. Fresh water versus salt water

Punt Road Crossing?

Track of Major Mitchell's third expedition.


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