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ACT 4 .Scene 1. A Newspaper in Action. Normality in Victoria.

Owner of the Newspaper Argus. All right let’s hear what you individually want to write about.

Journalist 1. Well I think that “macadamizing” our roads is a big step for stopping our streets smelling of horse droppings., and you don’t have to wear high sided boots.

Journalist 2. I think the building of the New Treasury Building, to store Gold in, and the Library deserve an article.

Journalist 3. I think the general prosperity of Melbourne now that the Gold Rushings appear to be over.

Owner of the Newspaper Argus. Come on Fellows, a little bit of thinking please. Aren’t you all forgetting about The Steam Train from Melbourne to Williamstown, and the invention of the American Samuel Morse, and how we can now communicate from Melbourne to Williamstown by the wire attached to long poles? Pretty soon we will be able to communicate with London.

Journalist 1. I have heard rumor’s that a Committee has been formed to select people to survey the land between here and Darwin to see if a Telegraph Line can be set up, so that all the overseas news comes to Melbourne first.

Journalist 3. I have heard that rumor also, they appear to have picked a Police Inspector from Beechworth, called Bourke, to lead the expedition, but the expedition is being held up because they want Camels to carry the equipment and stores, so they have sent a man overseas to purchase them.

Journalist 2. What about expansion of the Railway track system. Now that Peter Lalor has been elected to the State Legislature, he has been put in charge of Building new railways tracks. Not bad for a fellow who looked like going to jail for taking part in the Eureka rebellion.

ACT 4. Scene 2. Another noisy scene in The State of Victoria Legislative Assembly

-----------------boos hiss, jeers------------------------

Speaker. That’s enough bad behavior. Anymore and I will order the noise maker to leave the Chamber.

Leader of some Opposition: I object to you becoming Speaker of the House. I remember when you were hiding from Policemen to face a rebellion charge at Ballarat. Now you are going to become the SPEAKER OF THIS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

A Member of the HOUSE. Wasn’t that when you lost part of your arm?

Another Member. Didn’t you hide after the rebellion.

Speaker Elect-Mr.Peter lalor. I have been elected, as Speaker, by Members of this House, do you question their validity.

MEMBER of the Largest side. At least the Speaker has had a University Education. Something that most of you Members opposite could never get. He also worked on the Railway line, from Melbourne to Williamstown, as an Engineer. He has also helped run a Gold Mine at Clunes.

A Member of the HOUSE. Mr. Speaker Elect, Wasn’t that when you used Chinese Labor to break Labor Strikers?

SpeakerElect-Mr.Peter lalor. My past life has been examined by my peers in this House, and they have elected me Speaker. I do not intend to debate my role with anyone in this House.

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