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ACT 3. Scene 3. Impact of TERROR NULLIUS
Commence the Slide or Picture show for ACT 3 Scene 3

Reporter. 1839 Was that when the Police Magistrate Foster Fyann arrived.?

Older Mrs. Stephen Henty. It certainly was! It put everyone in a peculiar mood. But it was to be taken very very seriously. That year in June Mr. John Batman died, and in October father Thomas Henty died. We think the struggles with the British Government about land ownership, perhaps contributed to both their deaths.


Miss Pace. What’s happening Jane? All the dogs are barking, the Police Troopers looking serious, and there Leader looking very serious. Luckily they are camped out of site behind that small hill

Jane Henty. It is very serious indeed. It seems that that man Collier who said he was a Doctor, and just walked into our Settlement from where we now have Merino Downs, Sandford, Muntham, and Runnymede has made terrible accusations about our treatment of the local aborigines, to the Governor in Sydney.

Eliza Henty. According to Frank, the Leader is, Geelong Police Magistrate Foster Fyann. They also have along a Surveyor and Chains man, for drawing pictures and measuring this settlement.

Miss Pace. Aha, that also supports James’s idea, that some of the persons who had to buy land from the Government Auctions in Melbourne, want to cause trouble for the Hentys here.

Jane Henty. Anyway Ladies, my husband Stephen has requested that we write down the names of all people that are here so that Mr. Fyann, can select who he wants to see about the terrible accusations

Eliza Henty. All right, at least I know the area around Merino Downs so I can make up that list. My husband told me that all the Henty brothers will have to make a sworn statement to Mr. Fyann.

Jane Henty Perhaps sister you could walk down to the whaling area. Captain Dutton or Mr. Wedge, can give you names. I can get the Henty employees from Stephen.


Eliza Henty. Well Jane and Miss Pace, I think there at least 338 persons in the area. Made up from you Jane and Husband Stephen and two children, two women servants to farming and stockmen. Doctor Byass, wife and child. Some farmers like Mr. Archdale, Mr. G winter and their servants. Shepherds, Whalers, Boatmen and crews.

Miss Pace. That is quite a lot of people at this settlement, and the outlying sheep stations. I wonder how long you can be free from Government interference?

Mrs. Byass. Well I can tell you, the Surveyor in Police Magistrate Foster Fyann,s party is human. My husband had to treat him for boils on his legs.

Eliza Henty. Well it was very lucky for us when you and your husband arrived on the Barque Socrates. You only just missed seeing that imposter Doctor Collier.

Mrs. Byass. We find this is a most delightful place for us. The small kitchen I have is perfect for boiling up and mixing up the herbs my Husband uses for treating people.

Jane Henty. I think Dr. Byass should have a look at my Richmond. He does not appear very well.

Mrs. Byass. As soon as he comes back from treating the feet of that shepherd up near your Station Eliza, I will ask him to look at Richmond.

Eliza Henty. What did Doctor Byass put on the toes of my Uncle Sam Bryant, when he arrived here after the Children shipwreck.

Mrs. Byass. I am afraid you will have to ask my husband that Eliza. I know he was very worried about the wounds, they kept on weeping. At one stage it looked like he would lose his foot.

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