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ACT 3 Scene 1 – John Pascoe Falkner and Marine Guard. Introduction by 1 Girl

The convict’s. Far superior in numbers to all the others combined, were effectively split up between the Groups who used their labour, but snatched gossip would have alerted all the convicts to what was going on..

Do they want to willingly follow Lt. Governor Collins decision or is their opinion NEVER asked for or considered ?. What about the Convicts who had been able to take their wives and children. Remember that the few Wives were allowed to go as “Indentured Servants”

SCENE 1 Starts off with Private Samuel Wiggins of the Guard admonishing John Pascoe Fawkner ( 11 years old ) for getting to close to the OFFICERS COMPOUND where Lt. Gov . Collins is about to Address the Free Settlers, and Administrative Staff.

The Private is in the dark, doesn’t know what is happening and wants to know. He and his wife Susannah, have a sick daughter Ann and a young boy Thomas who was born at sea in July. Meanwhile his Sergeant McCauley, who also has a wife called Mary comes on the scene.

PLAYERS. Private Samuel Wiggins Sergeant James McCauley John Pascoe Fawkner. Fawkner’s Mother.

ACT 3 Scene 1 – John Pascoe Falkner and Marine Guard.

Commence the Slide or Picture show for ACT3 Scene 1

PRIVATE SAMUEL WIGGINS.. Hey youse!, what are you doin


SERGEANT JAMES McCAULEY.. Private Wiggins what is going on here.? I told all you Soldiers. that no one was to come this close to the OFFICERS COMPOUND. Particularly when Gov. Collins is going to address the settlers.

PRIVATE SAMUEL WIGGINS.. I know Sergeant, but it’s only a young boy. His Father’s a convict that has been allowed to bring his wife, daughter and this young son on the Calcutta to this Settlement.

SERGEANT JAMES McCAULEY.. Do as you are told Private, or you may get the cat o’ nine tails yourself. I suppose I had better go around the perimeter to see if other Soldiers are disobeying my orders.

PRIVATE SAMUEL WIGGINS You were lucky young fella, that Sergeant might have had you whipped!

JOHN PASCOE FAWKNER Thanks Private for speaking up for me. I only wanted to see what was going on.

PRIVATE SAMUEL WIGGINS.. Tell you what young fella, if you sneaked over to that line of Tee Trees, over there, and followed that scrub line you might be able to hear what’s going on. Then you could come back and tell me. But if you are caught don’t tell them I told you. How does that sound?


PRIVATE SAMUEL WIGGINS.. Well what was said?

JOHN PASCOE FAWKNER Well first what I saw. All the Public Servants were seated to one side of the Governor. Most of the Free Settlers with their wives and kids were sitting on stumps or the ground.

PRIVATE SAMUEL WIGGINS Yes yes, get on with it. That Sergeant might come back soon.

JOHN PASCOE FAWKNER No he won’t! I saw him getting close to some of the ships Officers. Anyway the Governor said very clearly that the Settlement could not go on as it was and ,he thinks it can’t survive. Governor King in Sydney has been given permission to dismantle the Settlement and take every Free person either to Van Diemans Land at a place called Risdon Cove or put the ones that do not want to go to Van Diemans land on a ship that he would send to go to Sydney. .

PRIVATE SAMUEL WIGGINS. I expect it will be like here, horrible!

JOHN PASCOE FAWKNER. The Governor said that Settlers who wished to go to Sydney were to inform Superintendent Mr. Thomas Clark. Everyone else and the Convicts were to go to Risdon Cove in Van Diemans Land.

The Governor intends leaving in 3 weeks to go to Van Diemans Land.

Mr. .Thomas Clark would work out with the Ships Officers who would go on what Ship and which Convicts they would like added to their possessions. The other Convicts would be chained up again on which ever Ship they sailed on.

PRIVATE SAMUEL WIGGINS Blast it, I was hoping to get to Sydney fairly soon with my Regiment, and find a house for my wife and youngsters. Anything else?

SERGEANT JAMES McCAULEY.. PRIVATE!!! I told you to send that boy back to the Convict area, you can do extra Guard Duty tonight as punishment for disobeying my order. You are lucky I did not order you to have 100 lashes.


JOHN PASCOE FAWKNER. Mum, I just heard the Lt. Governor say that we are going to pack up here and take us all to Van Diemans Land.

MRS. HANNAH FAWKNER. You can tell me all about that, after you help your sister Mary and me finish putting these items into the communal food pot. Then you can help getting the water out of that pile of clothes.


MRS. HANNAH FAWKNER No buts John, and when you have finished those jobs, take the water you got out of the clothes over to Mrs. Miller at the settlers gardens, she is putting the water on her plants and seeds. She said when they get ripe we can have some.

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