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ACT 3 Governor Bourke and Terra Nullius

Prelude. Miss Anne Drysdale and Miss Caroline Newcombe, formed a friendship, and Miss Caroline joined forces to raise animals and farm down in the Geelong area.

Captain Lonsdale, was part of Governor Bourke's plan to have a Government Representative in what could have become a Lawless Township. His role was to enforce kindness and civility to local Aborigines, and not alloa white people to take advantage of them.

Governor Bourke's visit, re inforced the British Governments ownership of ALL land in Australia




Mrs. Lonsdale—Miss Anne Drysdale ( Caroline Newcombe’s) friend—

Governor Bourke—Captain Lonsdale—Robert Hoddle—

1st 2nd Officers H.M.S. Lt.Rattlesnake

Captain Lonsdale. Well my Dear, today is the big day.

Mrs. Lonsdale. Governor Bourke has certainly made the situation very plain.

Captain Lonsdale. Mr. Hoddle is going to conduct Melbourne’s first Official Land Sale.

Mrs. Lonsdale. Well anyway, I am going to ride today and visit my friends. I am going to be accompanied by those lovely First Officer and Second Officer of the Rattlesnake warship. You may tell your Ensign I do not want an escort today.

Captain Lonsdale. At least make sure that you ride down the roads that Governor Bourke has agreed and marked out, because you don’t know who will suddenly say that you are riding on THEIR TOWN BLOCK.

Mrs. Lonsdale. I think I will visit Mrs. D’Arcy, the wife of the Assistant Surveyor, and Miss Anne Drysdale, the woman who has the Sheep Property near Doctor Thompson at Geelong, and has come on a visit here in Melbourne. Then I had better see Mrs, John Batman and Mrs. John Pascoe Fawkner. Even though the husbands do not get along. I can also see how young Amanda Lancey is. Mr. John Batman is now getting quite ill, with the right side of his face covered with some cloth, and having to be pushed about in a small wheelchair.




Governor Bourke. Well Gentlemen, today is the day. You Mr. Hoddle will auction the first few blocks of land, that I have authorized for sale, in this Town of Melbourne, that I have named after the British Prime Minister.

I have named Williamstown, after King William. In my opinion I believe that later on, Williamstown will become the center of all activity in and around Port Phillip Bay.

Mr. Robert Hoddle. Sir, will it be all right if we run some Horse Races, starting a little way from Captain Lonsdale’s House, and Mr. John Batman’s Hill.

Governor Bourke. Certainly Mr. Hoddle, but I have asked Mr. D’Arcy to ensure the land is owned by the Crown, and is only to be used for Horse Racing.

Captain Lonsdale. I have alerted the Captain of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, of your anticipated departure date from Williamstown, and return to Sydney Town

Governor Bourke. Well Captain Lonsdale your job as Police Magistrate, will certainly be a lot easier for you now that I have left everyone in no doubt that the British Government is in charge of this land. I will appoint a Lieutenant Governor upon my return to Sydney Town. I have several fellows in mind, and of course the British Government would have the final say in the matter. After reading several books, I have in mind a fellow called Charles La Trobe. Any way we will see.

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