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ACT 3. Scene 1 At Ballarat Cattle Yards

Chris: I can flick the fly away from that steer’s backside with my whip!

Tristan: I can as well, but I have to mend my stock whip first.

Chris: It’s a bit slow, with no action or freedom, sitting on these stockyard rails, making sure the cattle don’t break out of this holding yard. I should be fixing my saddle.

Tristo: I know, but our Dad’s were very strong in telling us to make sure the cattle don’t get out. Anyway our Bluey dog will help us.

Garrath: Boys, I’m going down to join your Fathers, Dave and Jim, at the market place, to help find buyers for the cattle. Look after young Macca.

Macca: Hey fella’s, Haven’t seen you for weeks. Was the trip to get the cattle good?

Tristo: Pretty good. Here hold this stock whips handle, while I tie on the crackers.

Chris: Tristan and I reckon we could go up the Long Paddock, and just work away helping drovers.

Macca: I think Matt is thinking about running a Gold Mine, and want’s you two to help.

Chris: A Gold Mine?

Tristo: Matt usually doesn’t make many mistakes. It could be ok.

Chris: Anyway we have to deliver a letter from our friend Jack Wills to his Doctor father here in Ballarat.

Macca: That maybe the Doctor Matt is working for.

Tristo: You can guide us there Macca, so we can deliver the letter.

ACT 3. Scene 2 At The Mine.

Hayley: I don’t mind getting some of the lumps and letting Gemma, swirl the water in the pan to see Gold settle at the bottom. At least all I have to do is bake 3 loaves of bread every day.

Jessica: It’s getting harder and harder to find sticks and burning material around this mine. Maybe you can bake a few more loaves on the fire I give you.

Hayley: At least Mrs. Perry is pretty good at washing and gives Linda a hand in getting food ready.

Jessica: I only have to look after Ella in the mornings. She is starting to speak a little, and just wants to run all over the place.

Hayley: At least we don’t have to wash our clothes, and Mrs. Perry tells us when some of our clothes need a bit of sowing.

Jessica: Maybe I could look after the horse. Mackenzie doesn’t seem to like the job. Anyway Matt is going to town tomorrow with the horse and kart. We can all go. We had better wash and clean up early.


Gemma: I’m going to find a little rock I can sit on to swish the soil in the pan. It’s too hard just squatting. You are lucky Mackenzie, to be moving around, with the horse. Pulling up the rocks in baskets that Chris and Tristo fill up underground, then dumping them for the girls Hayley and Jessica to pick over. I have to put water in the dish with some soil then swirl it around to see if specks of gold are there.

Mackenzie: At least you can see something. All I see is a big horse and lots, of droppings, and if Matt gets his way and we used the horse for puddling for other gold diggers, I’ll always be seeing a horses backside.

Chinese Boy: Heya what doin?

Mackenzie: Just letting the horse pick on some grass. What are you doing?

Chinese Boy: Lookin around. Orse looks fatter than you n me.

Mackenzie: (laughing) He sure does.

Gemma: How did you get here, what’s your name.

Chinese Boy: Me called Ling Wah Ho. You?

Gemma: Me Gemma, he is Mackenzie. That’s Hayley and Jessica over there.

Ling Wah: Gumaa. Mackssss (laughing) Ahley and Jesssss.

Mackenzie: You can call me anything, but not late for dinner. Ha ha!!

Gemma: Where do you come from and what do you do?

Ling Wah Ho: Me come from China with Father, on a boat, with lotsa men from my village in China. Many many big waves, lotsa people sick. The boat stopped at Robe. We Chinese from ship walked here. Very hot and long way. My Father put needles into Chinese to make devils, and sickness go way, he gives them little mixtures of herbs ground up. I look after needles, and grow little things that my Father uses as medicine. I have got a lot of spuds. I give you bucket veggies for bucket of horse poo? Do you want some?

Hayley: Yes please, Ling Wah. Mrs. Perry will be very happy, not having to find raw veggies.

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