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ACT 2 Batman in Melbourne, Prolems with Fawkner

Prelude, Joseph Tice Gellibrand, used to be the Government Solicitor of Tasmania, but was dismissed for "impropriety" he was responsible for drawing up John Batmans "Purchase of Land" documents.

Doctor Thompson, had lived at Launceston and became a large owner of cattle. He had come to "Bearbrass" to take up a large property in the Geelong area. He had taken advantage of the Scotish Inventor James Watt's Steam Technology and had purchased 3 small paddle steamers to tow Sailing ships up and down the Tamar River when the wind or tide was against them.

Miss Caroline Newcomb, came to "Bearbrass" as Governess and Tutor to the John Batman Family. 




Mrs. John Batman, and 7 daughters.—Miss Caroline Newcomb—Mrs. Thompson

Joseph Tice Gellibrand—John Batman—John Helder Wedge--Doctor Thompson.

Mr. John Batman. Mr. Helder Wedge, I know you really don’t approve, but I have convinced Mr. Pascoe Fawkner, to move his settlement over to the South side of this River Yarra.

Mr. Helder Wedge. I must say I have always found Mr. Fawkner helpful. He has allowed his men to help unload some of the boats when you were not here. He also provided longboats to sometimes take cargo ashore, and even though he doesn’t trust them has helped with the Black People.

Mr. Joseph Tice Gellibrand. I can’t believe that the Shepherd I left behind at Westernport, before I walked here, has been murdered by the Black People.

Doctor Thompson. Well Mr. Gellibrand we all know that’s true.

Miss Caroline Newcomb. Excuse me gentlemen, Mr. Batman, one of your daughters is ill. Mrs. Batman would like Doctor Thompson can come and see her.

Doctor Thompson. Of course I will come immediately Miss Newcomb. If I still owned my Steam Boats, we could have sailed in them from here at the Falls, to the jetty at Mr. Batman’s Hill. Instead we will have to walk or borrow Mr. Fawkner’s horse and cart.

Mr. Joseph Tice Gellibrand. At least the walk for you Miss Newcomb and you Doctor Thompson is not as far or as exhausting as my walk from Westernport to here at Bearbrass.

Mr. Helder Wedge. Well Mr. Batman, at least you now tell that runaway convict William Buckley, that Governor Bourke in Sydney Town, is granting him a free pardon after some 25 years, because he helped in preventing the Black People massacring the white settlers here.

Mr. John Batman. Yes, I have already informed him of the Governors act. He was a bricklayer by trade and he has agreed to build me a chimney at my cottage on Batman’s Hill.

Mr. Joseph Tice Gellibrand. Doctor Thompson, has agreed to let some of my sheep and Charles Swanston’s to go with his sheep when he leaves this settlement and goes to live in that area called Geelong, near Indented Head

Mr. John Batman. Its rather a funny feeling that I have about the Geelong area. Hamilton Hume, who was my friend when I grew up in Parramatta, also wrote to me saying how good he thought the land on the Western Side of this Bay we call Port Phillip, would be for sheep farmers.


Mrs. John Batman. Mrs. Thompson, that looks like your Husband and Miss Newman coming up the Hill.

Mrs. Thompson. Well at least Archibald will be able to tell what is wrong with your child, and hopefully be able to remedy the problem.

Mrs. John Batman. There are quite a few youngsters in the Settlement now. We will miss the Doctor if you go to the Geelong area, particularly as my husband, John, is getting seriously ill.

Mrs. Thompson. I am sure he would come to the settlement by horse and buggy if a serious medical problem occurs. Maybe later another Doctor will come to live here in Bearbrass.

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