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ACT 2. Announcement of Settlement Relocation. Introduction by 1 Girl

Marine Colonel Lt. Governor Collins has decided to remove the settlement to Tasmania, Risdon Cove., and calls a Meeting of ALL SETTLERS to inform them of his decision..All Free Settlers had been promised Land grants of 100 acres each. When Collins arrived at Sorrento he found the place totally unsuitable for a Settlement, and decided to remove the Penal Settlement to Risdon Cove in Tasmania. He started Hobart Town named after Lord Hobart.

Collins had had received information from Governor King regarding finding fresh water at the River Yarra, ( the later site of Melbourne ) found by Mr. Grimes the Government Surveyor, who discovered the River, with James Flemming, after sailing on the ship, Cumberland, Commanded by Lt Charles Robbins.

The ship Cumberland was sent to follow the French Expedition to King Island to ensure they did not claim the island or islands in Bass straight for France.

Lt. Governor Collins, had doubts about the Port Phillip Bay being able to allow a Colony to develop. Fresh Water was very scarce, and the land was sandy, not able to grow very much. The Aborigines were also getting quite upset about the Settlement people being on their Land. And obviously taking a large amount of fish from the Bay, and whatever rodents could be caught and cooked to supplement the rations.

The Free Settlers have an idea what is going to happen, and are very concerned.

..Rumors have been spreading!!. Mr. John Hartley appears to be the most forceful, in the Free Settler group. He had even brought along a personal servant called John Joachim Gravie on the voyage from England.


Reverend Robert Knopwood, Minister of Religion, Lt. Governor William Collins Leader of the Settlement.

Lieutenant Tuckey of HMS Calcutta. Thomas Hayes, Free Settler. Mr. George Prideaux Harris, Dep. Surveyor.

Mrs. Mary Pascoe Cook, wife of Missionary Pascoe Crook. John Hartley, Free Settler. Mrs. Jane Hobbs, Free Settler (with daughters Rebecca- Ann-Jane and Charity, with son James

ACT 2. Announcement of Settlement Relocation

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REVEREND ROBERT KNOPWOOD. Friends !! Friends!, the Lieutenant Governor will talk to you very soon. No need to get anxious, he will explain ALL very soon. I read out to you the Governments Commission of Lt. Governor Collins on the 17 th November, the day after the Ocean left for Sydney Cove. As you all know the Ocean returned to us 2 days ago . Ah, here is the Lt. Governor now.

LT. GOVERNOR COLLINS. Thank you Knopwood. Fellow Government Officials and Free Settlers. By the power invested in me as Lieutenant Governor, I have decided we will leave this place here at Sullivan’s Bay and go to Risdon Cove at the bottom of Van Diemans Land. Governor King, has sent me a lot of information, and also given his approval for whatever decision I make.

------------------------a great many exclamations and muttering takes place.

REVEREND ROBERT KNOPWOOD. Friends! Friends !, I ask you to be patient while the Lt. Governor explains more. Then I am sure you will be able to ask him questions. However he has asked several people to give their rendition of the result of their endeavors so that you will understand how he has come to this conclusion. Lt. Tuckey, you are first please.

LT. TUCKEY of the CALCUTTA. You all know that I have mapped this very large bay, and visited Westernport Bay, with a party of men. The Bay was first discovered by George Bass. I have also studied the Maps drawn by John Murray and Mathew Flinders, also the Map made by Surveyor general Charles Grimes, who followed Governor King’s instructions to walk all around the bay. My conclusion is that the Land in this Bay is not conducive to good farming.

THOMAS HAYES- FREE SETTLER. Sir, I have a wife and 3 children to look after. It has been hard enough trying to settle, looking after our poor stock, and plant crops. As well as being worried about the Natives attacking us, and some of the Convicts harming us. What do you mean by “not conducive” to good farming? Your Captain of the Calcutta, The Captain of the Ocean, all cruised up this Bay a little and selected this Cove now called Sullivan’s Bay.

LT. TUCKEY of the CALCUTTA. Water and soil Mr. Hayes. The water is too hard to collect and transport in large enough quantities to this settlement. The soil in its sandy nature extends all around this Bay.

MR. GEORGE PRIDEAUX HARRIS- DEPUTY SURVEYOR. I have looked at the Maps Mr. Hayes, and I fully support the view of Lt. Tuckey and Lt. Governor Collins. Even the Westernport area is bad. I have even consulted with Mr. Adolarius Humphrey, about the bark and light brown cliff that are embedded in the shoreline. Maybe in a rainy period the rocks would create waterfalls and holding pools. However it is now in this most oppressive heat that only sunken water barrels in the sand at the top of the tide can bring us water. The temperature on my thermometer the other day was 47 degrees. The next day the temperature had dropped to 11 degrees. Not good for crops, animals or humans.

MRS. MARY PASCOE CROOK. Do you have any idea of how many Women and Children there are on this horrible spot here at Sullivan’s Cove.? There are 54 Women 20 boys and 16 young girls. Sir! All this talk about re location of the settlement is frightening.

MR. GEORGE PRIDEAUX HARRIS- I must say Madam, that amount of People here, makes the re location imperative. Even the timber that is being cut from that mountain called Arthurs Seat, has been rejected by Navy representatives in Sydney Cove.

MRS. MARY PASCOE CROOK. My Husband and I want to lead ALL persons to God regardless if they are Convicts, Free Settlers, Soldiers or Civil Official’s. We were also supposed to go to Sydney so that we could take a ship to the Polynesian Islands where we will be able to do Christian Works among the Natives. As you know Mr. Knopley is the only one allowed to do the Preaching .My Husband and I want to go to Sydney Town.!

JOHN HARTLEY Free Settler. Please Lt. Governor Collins, allow Jane Hobbs to put her view.

JANE HOBBS This undertaking has been hard enough with all my children. Now it appears a mistake was made, in selecting this place.

LT. GOVERNOR COLLINS. That is so Mrs. Hobbs.

JANE HOBBS. Then perhaps you may listen to Mr. .John Hartley. We have collected all our concerns and are prepared to have him represent us.

JOHN HARTLEY . Sir! Most of us agree that the move to another place is essential. But we do have some concerns regarding our Right’s and Property. I have a particular concern..

LT. GOVERNOR COLLINS .Please speak up Mr. Hartley for your fellow Settlers.

JOHN HARTLEY . Sir have you considered-our crops-our livestock-about our seedlings-water wherever we are going-our 100 acres each-transport costs to our new abode-stock of usable tools to replace the second class ones we have been using-clothes and boots .for all including the Convicts. I am very interested in the Sealing opportunities in the Van Dieman’s Land Islands. Will they still be accessible to me if I go to Risdon Cove.

LT. GOVERNOR COLLINS..Thank you Mr. Hartley for putting your concerns..

First we will build a loading pier, so that the livestock can be loaded directly onto the Ocean or the Lady Nelson.

Second The English Government has paid for your transport to this Cove . Governor King and I have agreed there will be no charge for Transporting Free Settlers to our new abode Those who wish to go to Sydney Cove may, the others will go with me to Van Dieman’s Land. They will receive 100 acres each as originally agreed

Thirdly, I am dispatching Mr. William Collins, Adolarius Humphrey, and Mr. Thomas Clark on the Francis, to investigate Port Dalrymple as a prospective Settlement site, or possibly Risdon Cove. So until they report to me I cannot answer any questions on Sealing.

Fourthly, not all People will be able to go on the ships Ocean and Lady Nelson on the first voyage. They will have to come back here for the remainder of people. This site will be under the Command of Captain Sladden

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