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ACT 1. The Very First Few People in Melbourne

Prelude The founding of Melbourne, was a fairly difficult time. it was called numerous names until named as Melbourne by Governor  Bourke

Both John Pascoe Fawkner and John Batman WERE NOT !! in the group of people that settled the site of Melbourne.

After John Batman, had signed the "Lease or Purchase of Aboriginal Lands he left, and returned to Launceston.  John Helder Wedge, Batman's brother Henry and wife and 4 girl children, sailed from launceston to live at Indented Head, with several others, including several Sydney Aborigines. They arrived on 7th August 1835

Fawkner had sent the schooner Enterprise, on from from Georgetown Tasmania, to the site on the River Yarra. The expedition was led by Captain John Lancey, with several settlers, servants and lots of instructions, stores and building supplies, After all Fawkner was bank rolling the expedition.

After Helder Wedge had visited the site of the Enterpise dock, at "Bearbrass" and learn't what it was all about, he had gone back to Indented Head. Henry Batman then decided to camp at 'Bearbrass" so that his brothers so called "Land Purchase" could be protected from any Fawkner encroachment.

The Fawkner's, were at the "Bearbrass" site, before John Batman,his wife and 7 daughters arrived.






Mrs. Henry Batman—Mrs. Fawkner—Mrs. Gilbert—Mrs. Lancey

John Helder Wedge—J.P.Fawkner—Captain Lancey—Mr. Gilbert.

Mrs. Henry Batman. Thank you for butter you made and gave to me Mrs. Fawkner. It is so nice to be with women here at Bearbrass, instead of being the only woman with 4 daughters at Indented Head. And only a few men I might add. My girls had no one to associate with.

Mrs. John Fawkner. Well Mrs. Batman, thank you for the compliment about the butter. It will make up in a little way for the fish your husband Henry has caught and given to me.

Mrs. J Gilbert .Ladies I never knew that my forthcoming baby, would need to have women and children around. With my husband, Mr. Fawkner’s Blacksmith, we only came here to live at Bearbrass, because Mr. Fawkner promised us some land, if my husband gave him good service.

Mrs. Lancey. I have made up my mind that we are going to leave this dreadful settlement here on the Yarra Yarra River, and go back to Launceston.

Mrs. Henry Batman. But Mrs. Lancey, your husband was so good in talking to Helder Wedge about the Port Phillip Association’s land and the rights of Mr. Fawkner’s settlement.

Mrs. Lancey. I know, but I am very scared of the Black People around here. My husband also wants to go back to sea as a Ships Captain.

Mrs. John Fawkner. I know you want to return to Launceston, and your husband has given a lot to this Fawkner settlement, but at least you have agreed you can leave your youngest child, little Amelia, with myself and Mr. Fawkner. My husband is very fond of Amelia, and our adopted son.

Mrs. J Gilbert. I hope you don’t go Mrs. Lancey, I have found you a very dear friend.


Mr. J Fawkner. Look Captain Lancey, you are being outrageous if you think you can charge me for acting on my behalf here in Bearbrass.

Captain John Lancey. Mr. Fawkner, I have fought with the Port Phillip Association’s John Helder Wedge, to keep nice land for you. I have organized the unloading of your ships in your absence. I have resolved labour disputes, I even directed the planting of many of your Fruit Trees and Shrubs that you sent over from Tasmania

Mr. J Fawkner. Captain Lancey, do not forget who you are talking too. I remember Captain Bligh, the deposed Governor of this land. He was staying on a boat at Hobart fighting for his rights. I lost my Public House, due to Magistrates not liking me. As you now I regained it. I served people in the Courts, giving very cheap, sometimes free, legal advice fighting the ruling class. The Port Phillip Association thinks it can manufacture a “Treaty” then take all the Land its shareholders want. They can think again.! AND YOU! Want to charge me for your services. You ate and used up my supplies. What do you say about that. What about you Mr. Gilbert?

Captain John Lancey. Mr. Fawkner, I realize I cannot beat you. I and my wife just want to return to Launceston. Maybe you still want to adopt our daughter Amanda. Can you not remember that it was I who advised you not to outrun your creditors by coming here on the first voyage of the Enterprise, even though you own the veseel. And it was I who agreed to pretend you had to be put ashore at george Town, because you had become sea sick.

Mr. J.P.Fawkner. What about you Mr. Gilbert?

Mr. J Gilbert. Mr. Fawkner, it’s not for me to interfere. I work for you, and I believe I have given good service. My Forge, is just about set up properly now, and all the iron items you want made, can now be done. All I want is to have a roof over my wife’s head, and food for my wife and our forthcoming baby.

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