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ACT 1. Scene 1.LaTrobe and Lonsdale Discussing the Affairs of Victoria.

LaTrobe: I foresee a disaster looming, around the Gold Fields. I have made several visits to the area, and I think the Mining Licenses are quite high. Impossibly high for the unsuccessful Miners.

Lonsdale: I feel the same Charles. I think it is quite wrong to give the Troops so much power in collecting the Mining Licenses. Anyway the next Lt. Governor will have the situation not you! You have been here since September 1839., and this is 1845. I here that the new Lt. Governor, being a Naval Captain really wants a ship to command so that he can go to the Crimean War, and that is the reason why he is taking so long to get here.

LaTrobe: Well, now we have a terrible situation, with people coming from all over the world, to look for Gold, and judging out Governing of the situation. Even Mr. Fawkner attacks me, through his Colonial Reform Party. What on earth is that fellow Lalor and others up to, and that foreign fellow Garibaldi?

Lonsdale: Charles with all due respect, the Gold Fever, has robbed this City of Melbourne, in this infant State of Victoria, of manpower. We are collecting Taxes on Gold, but not everyone finds Gold. Soon they will have to leave the Gold Areas, and get jobs just to live,

LaTrobe: Maybe then William, in the later half of the 1850’s The Legislative Council could set an example. Get a few good men, pay them well, and build anything, Roads, Public Buildings, enlarge the wharf area at Williamstown, Anything to keep people here.

Lonsdale: We could also get that Steam Railway System to grow. You know that big Engine” thing” that George and Robert Stephenson have pioneered in England. Maybe you could set it up to start before your successor Charles Hotham gets here!

La Trobe: That American fellow Samuel Morse with his thing that sends dits and dats that represent letters in the alphabet along a steel cable attached to tall poles seems to have helped our communication between here and Williamstown. The line between Melbourne and Geelong is nearly finished. Maybe it can be used to connect the whole world? The Argus newspaper seems to like the idea. At least they have not criticized me on that matter. The paper seems to criticize me on every other matter. I stopped the English Government sending Convicts here. But they think I should promote this Port Phillip area over the NSW area!

ACT 1.Scene 2. A noisy scene in the VICTORIAN Legislative Assembly

Leader of some Opposition. You must have gone mad! You of all people have been incarcerated, whipped, kept in chains, all your possessions taken away from you, you acted giving free legal advice to the poor, and yet you criticize Miners for rebelling about an unfair large Mining tax to the Government.

J.P.Fawkner. My fellow colleagues. I did heartily condemn the rising of Miners at Ballarat! I was misled, about who was causing the problem.

-----------------Jeers and more noise---------------

Speaker. Order, order please Gentlemen!

J.P Fawkner. The Miners knew their responsibility, it was the troublemakers who caused the fight not the Miners. They did not have to fight the Troopers.

Leader of some Opposition. You silly old man, maybe you are too rich to care anymore! You wanted to give Lt. Gov. Hotham a thousand pounds, for being a bold leader, and you wanted this Assembly to thank the Troops.

-----------------boos hiss, jeers------------------------

Speaker. That’s enough bad behavior. Anymore and I will order the noise maker to leave the Chamber.

J.P.Fawkner. I have been appointed to the Royal Commission, to investigate the Miners situation, and complaints. I propose to investigate every reported abuse or fault or complaint.

Leader of some Opposition. What about getting our money back from the Lt. Governor. What about stopping the Courts from trying to lock up several of the Miners Leaders.

J.P.Fawkner. I can only repeat! I was misled, and I am going to investigate every Miner’s situation if he complains about Law.

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