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Richard McGregor's quiet, intelligent persistence has greatly improved the quality of these books. His mentoring has been invaluable. Ruth Gooch, author and historian, for the introduction to Richard

Heartfelt thanks to:

Valda and Harry Cole, Tyabb residents, for my induction into their historical world;

Bern Cuthbertson of Hobart, whose fascinating recollections of a lifetime in sail, and the building of and sailing replicas of early boats have been an inspiration;

Dr Willie Wilson of Bass, for his entertaining enlightenment on George B, and his large collection of Westernport explorers items, particularly the Faure/Milius drawing of the Port;

Ian Hansen, marine artist of Hunters Hill, who has a wonderful collection of creativity;

The Executive Officer, Lieutenant Russell Westcombe of HMAS Cerberus.

Staff of the State Library of Victoria, including Jan McDonald, Mary Lewis, Judith Scurfield, in chasing up and finding obscure pictures and information, particularly in Rare Books, Rare Maps and Rare Pictures;

Staff of the State Library of New South Wales.

Staff of the National Library A.C.T

Staff of the Lady Denman Maritime Museum, at Huskisson, New South Wales (the museum contains period pieces of our early history, and also is the repository of two of Ian Hansen's paintings of George Bass in his whaleboat);

Gilian Simpson Librarian, Australian Maritime Museum Sydney,

Parks Victoria;

The George Town Maritime Museum, Tasmania;

Tasmanian Sail Training Association Ltd (Lady Nelson) of Hobart and Fleur Malcolm for use of her photographs;

Mornington Shire Council;

Friends of the Collins Settlement, Sorrento, for allowing me to raid their public displays;

Gabriel Gonzalez Videla, Bahia Paraiso, Chilean Base, Antarctica.

Tim Phillips Wooden Boat Shop-Sorrento

Some very special people of Pitcairn descent living on Norfolk Island, particularly Mera Martin-Christian;

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James Elliott; Software and Website consultant.

Brad Whitwell Software and Website consultant

Last but not least, my mate Hal, excelhifi.com.au, for being on the discovery team.

Please Note: ALL THE STORIES / DETAILS ON THE WEBSITE ARE FREE, AND CAN BE COPIED, USED, OR PRINTED. Hopefully Schools will use the material!

Some of the illustrations used here are readily available on the internet, gutenberg.org; adb.online; wikipedia; freeread.com.au.

Some are by the author and his grandsons. For others, every effort has been made to contact copyright holders, such as The State Libraries. Any omissions will be willingly corrected. A number of these, complete or abridged, can be found on the internet or as books. In whatever form, all combine to paint the picture of the formative years of white-dominated Australia.


Mr. Greg Hunt, Federal Electorate, "Flinders". 2013 Federal Minister-Environment.

Mr. Martin Dixon, State Electorate, " Nepean" .2013 Education Minister.

All the illustrations have been used here to inspire others to pursue more of Victoria's and, coincidentally, Australia's wonderful early history.

The activities described in this work are designed to encourage an interest in exploration but the author urges those without experience to seek advice before undertaking potentially risky ventures, such as sailing in Westernport.

If I have forgotten someone or something, please inform me and I will do my best to remedy the situation. Please remember, this is at FREE educational effort.

These sources, further reading links and Acknowledgements are correct as of 31st July 2013
And will be updated as work progresses.



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