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Early Australian Authors

Arthur Upfield

Ion Idress

Alan Moorhead

Frank Hardy

Marus Clark

Stella Miles Franklin

Thomas Keneally

Steele Rudd




A Selection of “Some” good reading

Raffaello Carboni-1865. The Eureka Stcckade.

Marcus Clark-1885. For the Term of his Natural Life.

Rolf Bolderwood-1889.Robbery under Arms.

Ethel Turner-xxxx. Seven Little Australian’s

Steele Rudd-18999. On Our Selection

Miles Franklin-1901. My Brilliant Career.

Mrs. Aneas Gunn. We of the Never Never

Henry Handel Richardson-1930.The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney.

Ion Idriess-1932.Flynn of the Inland.

H.V.Evatt-1938. Rum Rebellion

Xavier Herbert-1938. Capricornia.

Ruth Park—Adult Book-1948.The Harp in the South.

Frank Hardy-Adult Book-1950.Power without Glory.

D’arcy Niland-1955. The Shiralee.

Arthur Upfield. Many ,many stories of “Bony” the Aboriginal Police Detective.

Patrick White-1957. Voss

Mary Durack-1959. Kings in Grass Castles.

Alan Moorehead-1963. Coopers Creek.

Colin Thiele-1963. Storm Boy

Donald Horne-1964. The Lucky Country.

Geoffrey Blainey-1966. The Tyranny of Distance

Joan Lindsey-1967.Picnic ant Hanging Rock

Thomas Kennealy-1972. The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith.



‘’ Miles Franklin-( Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin)
“My Brilliant Career” her First Book
Chapter 22 called “SWEET SEVENTEEN.”
In her introduction she gives her address as
Possum Gully, near Goulburn NSW 1st March 1899
It was the time of the annual muster at Cummabella, a Cattle Station, seventeen miles from Caddegat.
Uncle had not been gone an hour, when a Drover appeared to report that
twenty thousand sheep would pass by on the morrow. Grass was precious.
It would not do to let the sheep spread and dawdle at their drovers pleasure.
Grannie was in a great stew, so I volunteered my services.
I was clad in a cool blouse, a Holland riding skirt, and a big straw hat; was seated on a big bay horse, was accompanied by a wonderful sheep-dog. And carried a long heavy stock whip.
I sang and cracked my stock-whip as i cantered along, quite forgetting to be reserved and proper.
When the last sheep got off the Caddagat run, it was nearing two o’clock.
I turned and rode homewards.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Grannie came out to question me regarding the sex, age, condition, and species of sheep, what was their destination, whether or not they were in search of grass, or were for sale, had they spread or eaten much grass, and had the men been civil.
When I had satisfactorily informed heron all theses points, she bade me have something to eat, to bathe, and dress, and gave me a holiday for the rest of the day.
My hair was grey with dust, so I washed all over, arrayed myself in a cool white dress, and throwing myself in a squatter’s chair in the veranda, spread my hair over the back of it to dry. Copies of Gordon, Kendall and Lawson were on my lap, but I was too physically content and comfortable to indulge in even these, my sworn friends and companions.

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