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Feb.2nd Charles Grimes in Port Phillip Bay Discovers the Yarra Yarra River.

Feb.5th George Bass leaves Sydney, heads across the Pacific, and disappears forever.

Feb.17th Nicolas Baudin’ Expedition  arrives in King George Sound.

Mar.5th First Australian Newspapers published by George Howe. Sydney Gazette.

Mar.11th LT. John Bowen arrives in Sydney Cove.

Apr27th. Lt-Col David Collins leaves UK on HMS Calcutta, with Storeship Ocean to form a settlement in Port Phillip.

Apr, 30th Baudin leaves the Australian coast and sails for Timor.

May. 9th. Governor King applies to return to the UK..

Jun . 9th .Investigator arrives back in Port Jackson. Flinders having circumnavigated Australia.

Aug.10th. Flinders sails for England as a passenger on the Porpoise.

Aug.17th. Porpoise runs aground on Wreck Reef

Aug.26th Flinders sails back to Sydney in a ships boat.

Sep11th. Lt. John Bowen arrives at Risdon Cove on the Derwent River Van Diemans Land.

Oct. 7th Flinders arrives at Wreck Reef with 2 other ships, to the rescue, then sails for UK.

Oct. 9th Collins arrives at Sorrento in Port Phillip.

Nov.5th Collins seeks Governor Kings permission to move the settlement from Port Phillip

Dec 12th King authorizes Collins to move to Risdon Cove in VDL

Dec15th  Cumberland leaking stops at Mauritius and Flinders is interned by the French.

Dec 27th Convict William Buckley escapes from the Port Phillip settlement, before he was to go to Risden Cove, and lived with a tribe of Aborigines for the next 32 years.

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