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22. The GOLD RUSH and its Powerful effect on Australia.
Edward Hargreaves. The "first" gold discoverer in Australia.
Cinese wlking to the Victoria Gold Fields, after their ship docked in Goolwa to save passenger import duty costs.

A Chinese "working his Gold dig."
A picture of Victorian Gold Fields.

Robbery of "rich" stagecoach passengers.
A..First of all.   WHY GOLD?
1.It does NOT tarnish.
2. Does NOT require HEAT to change it.
3.NOT easy to aquire.
4. Heavy enough to DETER carrying a LARGE amount.
5.Older currencies IF USED are easy to copy-burnt-or disfigured
6.In summary it is a STATIC, OBSERVABLE, way of measuring WEALTH.
7.Not readily mined-or used in Public Display-and relatively heavy.
8.The BIBLE references Gold in GENESIS, and in MATHEW. In a good way.
9.Picture below is a look alike for the Welcome Stranger Gold Nugget.
It was discovered by 2 men on Friday 5th 1869 at Moolingal Victoria. When it was discovered NO scales were capable of weighing it, so it was broken into 3 .
Originally it was about 18 inches long,16 inches wide and 16 inches deep and about 2,380 ounces. The Bank paid the finders 9,583 Pounds.

B..THE USE OF GOLD in" Todays " Finance.

Questions asked By Year 7 Student( 2017) Gemma Cann.

Perhaps YOU should ASK the following Questions to understand MONEY


1.What is a GOLD Reserve

2.How much for Australia
3. Where is the GOLD RESERVE kept.
4. How much is GOLD worth per ounce TODAY
5/ Who decides what GOLD is WORTH
C..MODERN GOLD  Rushes in the WORLD. Particularly VICTORIA.
To get a little bit more "info" Read parts of:-'Plays about our Early Australian Life'
The Play--Mid 1850's Victoria and Gold
Victoria during and after the Gold Rush
OVERVIEW and ACT 1-Scene 1 and 2
ACT 4 Scene 1 and 2
D..SOME People still hunt for GOLD in Victoria Today.
What do they do if they discover GOLD??

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