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Until OUR STATES had been declared with a LT. Governor in charge.

Admiral Arthur Phillip  1788 to 1792

Captain John Hunter 1795 to 1800

Captain Philip Gidley King. 1800 to 1806

Captain William Bligh. 1806 to 1808

Major General Lachlan Macquarie. 1810 to 1821

Major General Sir Thomas Brisbane. 1821 to 1825

Lieutenant General Sir Ralph Darling.  1825 to 1831

Major General Sir Richard Bourke. 1831 to 1837

Major Sir George Gipps. 1838 to 1846

Lieutenant Colonel Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy. 1846 to 1855

Sir William Denison 1855 to 1861

Right Honourable Sir John Young. 1861 to 1867


Lt. John Bowen had made a settlement at Risdon Tasmania.

Tasmania. Colonel David Collins. February 1804

Western Australia. Captain James Stirling 6thtain James Stirling 6th February 1832

South Australia. Captain John Hindmarsh 28th December 1836

Victoria Charles La Trobe. had previously served as Superntendent of the Port Phillip District NSW.

Victoria. Sir Charles Hotham 22nd May 1855

Queensland. Sir George Bowen 10th December 1856

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